“Amy is amazing! She really listens to what I want to achieve, the sessions are tailored specifically to achieve these goals and the classes are structured in such a way that the times flies by.

I have had several personal trainers in the past and always found myself dreading the sessions then counting the minutes until they end. I have never felt that way with Amy.The sessions are fun, they meet my needs and she is a pleasure to spend time with.

I highly recommend her to anyone and already looking forward to our session next week. Thank you Amy!”

Claire Garber

“weekly sessions with Amy have proved to be really beneficial and I have seen a big improvement in my upper body strength and stamina.  Amy is very hands-on and motivational – she designed the sessions to meet my personal requirements at the same time making them fun, interesting, action packed and most importantly of all – achievable.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will meet your expectations then I would highly recommend Amy” 

Alicia Icing

“I attended sessions with Amy to increase my fitness, specifically related to skiing and ice hockey. Amy’s positive and bubbly nature were a constant source of encouragement and motivation. The sessions themselves included a mixture of cardio and weight training which I felt gave me an all over body workout. Sessions were so varied that I was never bored and always looked forward to them. It was evident that Amy put a lot of thought into tailoring high intensity work outs that were just right for me (including things like TRX, free weights, tabata, boxing, resistance training etc). I hated missing one at times when I was away from morzine! I feel fitter than I have ever felt before and am trying to maintain it as best I can until I move back to Morzine and can start sessions with Amy again!If you’ve been thinking of getting fit and keep putting it off-training with Amy will really make the difference, keep you committed and help you realise your fitness goals whatever they may be“

Keira Keenan

“Amy motivates and challenges me and with clear direction and is helping me to quickly achieve my fitness goals. In a short space of time, my fitness and strength have increased” 


“I spent the winter of 2012/13 training one to two days a week with Amy, with the goal of not only shedding those extra summer pounds but strengthening my skiing. Amy designed a training program that targeted all the muscle groups individually, whilst engaging the core during nearly all of the exercises. The workouts were always high intensity to increase cardio fitness whilst building muscle strength, increasing joint stability and improving balance.

I always avoided training because I thought it would be repetitive and boring but Amy works hard at keeping a good variation in the training and hence I was never bored. I can’t recommend Amy’s classes enough for those looking to get fitter or just improve an already high level of fitness”

Corey Levene

“I started working out with Amy to improve my fitness and strength. Through her extensive knowledge and experience she identified specific workouts to help me achieve my goals. Having worked out with personal trainers previously, I thought I knew what to expect. Amy however, challenges and motivates by using a wide range of exercise techniques and varies them in each session. In no time I have felt a huge difference in my fitness, strength and appearance. Most importantly, the increased strength has also improved my performance and ability in my winter and summer sports”

S Muir