Fresh Fitness was founded by Master Trainer, Amy Beswick.

Amy’s mission is to provide an enjoyable and effective method of training.

Delivering bespoke programmes to meet your individual specific goals and provide education and support to achieve the results you desire.

“I believe in living life to the full and being able to indulge in life’s temptations without paying the price of becoming overweight, unhealthy or unfit. Live your life and love your body!”

By embracing a more holistic approach encompassing both Personal Training and lifestyle coaching Amy hopes you too will discover how to maintain an easy and healthy balance between exercise and nutrition.

This was a balance Amy herself found challenging. Living in a Ski Resort for the past six years Amy knows how easy it is to live on a diet of carbs, refined sugars, caffeine, alcohol and sleep deprivation. The daily merry go round of energy slums followed by artificial pick me ups resulting in feelings of tiredness and lack of well being seem to become just a way of life, however…

Amy discovered the benefits of fitness and nutrition four years ago whilst on a detox retreat and since that day her own health and vitality was transformed. For the past three years Amy has been managing the infamous Juice Master retreat in Turkey and in 2012 she qualified as a personal trainer. Having gained a wealth of experience over this time Amy knows how quickly you can turn your health and wellness around with the correct balance of exercise and nutrition.


Juicing is the easiest, most efficient way to get maximum nutrition into the body. Through regular juicing you can consume a multitude of raw vegetables and fruits providing the body with vital vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids and enzymes. By furnishing the body with this essential nutrition, you are feeding the body on a cellular level and as a result you will feel fulfilled, hence you will crave less of the foods that you really don’t need.

Juicing is the ultimate “fast food” meaning within just minutes of consuming a juice your body can extract and absorb the goodness with very little of your vital energy being used on digestion and assimilation. This frees up this vital energy, meaning you will feel more vibrant and alive and your body can concentrate on other essential functions such as cell renewal, repair building tissue/muscle and fighting disease.

“People want results fast and in just a matter of days, I can work with anyone to give them super quick results in terms of improved Heath, reduced weight and increased energy”

Amy has devised a 3-day or 5-day ‘Fresh’ intensive juicing, detox and fitness plan to achieve rapid, optimum results and to kick start your new health regime


Embarking on a 3- day or 5-day ‘Fresh‘ juicing detox is without doubt the “daddy” when it comes to achieving super fast results in terms of weight loss and health gain. This then combined with an intense yet achievable fitness plan means you will feel and look unbelievable.

For full details of the services provided please go to packages & pricing. 


  • Diploma in Master Training
  • REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Advanced PT Skills
  • Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Functional Training & Sports
  • Clinical Exercise & Specific Populations
  • Motivation and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Personal Training Business


About Amy Beswick

“Amy is amazing! She really listens to what I want to achieve, the sessions are tailored specifically to achieve these goals and the classes are structured in such a way that the times flies by.

I have had several personal trainers in the past and always found myself dreading the sessions then counting the minutes until they end. I have never felt that way with Amy.The sessions are fun, they meet my needs and she is a pleasure to spend time with.

I highly recommend her to anyone and already looking forward to our session next week. Thank you Amy!”

Claire Garber

“weekly sessions with Amy have proved to be really beneficial and I have seen a big improvement in my upper body strength and stamina.  Amy is very hands-on and motivational – she designed the sessions to meet my personal requirements at the same time making them fun, interesting, action packed and most importantly of all – achievable.  If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will meet you expectations then I would highly recommend Amy” 

Alicia Icing